Tintype Vampire Series

This was my very first themed tintype shoot from a hopefully ongoing vampire series. I was a bit stressed hoping everything would work. I had not had time to test everything and I had no idea how makeup would react or what the fake blood would look like. It was red so I expected it to come out close to black.

My strobes were setup to trigger with my shutter release however the way I had rigged them up only fired the master and not the slave so I had to rework it on the spot and manually trigger the strobes. It ended up working fine but the first few photos only had one strobe firing in them. The fake blood and clip on fangs ended up working better than I had expected. The one surprise was that I could not get a candle flame to show up. They produce so little light they are invisible.

Prints of the tintypes are available on Society6 and original tintypes are sometimes available at Etsy. If you don’t see a tintype or print you want please contact me to see if its still available.

tintypes_vampire_07 tintypes_vampire_06 tintypes_vampire_05 tintypes_vampire_04 tintypes_vampire_03 tintypes_vampire_02 tintypes_vampire_01

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