Circus Liquor Clown



Circus Liquor Clown – 8×10 Scanned Print on Society6.

The Circus Liquor Clown is located in North Hollywood and is featured in many movies and TV shows.

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Water and Tin Photography was started in 2014 using photography techniques commonly referred to as tintypes or wet-plate photos. These techniques were invented in the 1850’s and were still common during the early 19th century.

Every tintype photograph is a unique one-of-a-kind image produced by hand and impossible to duplicate. Chemicals are poured onto an 8×10 inch aluminum plate making it into a light sensitive surface. Once coated the wet-plate is loaded into the back of a vintage medium format camera.

The model or subject is then photographed and the wet-plate is taken back into the dark room where it is developed and then fixed before being washed and dried. The final step is coating the image with a lavender varnish that will protect the image for years to come.

The prints sold here are scanned at a minimum of 600 dpi, the dust is removed and contrast restored.

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