Sequoia National Park Road Trip

I had been wanting to get out and do a road trip and test out shooting in my car again. When my parents visited me I thought it was time so we drove out to Sequoia National Park in California for the day. It was a bit chilly and lots of fog and even a little rain. I did not want to cary everything to far so I just setup my dark room in the back of my SUV and then prepped a plate. There was a decent amount of large Sequoia trees close to where I had parked so I setup my camera and took a shot. It was a bit of guess work to figure out the exposure times and due to the fog the contrast levels were rather low but it was still a fun trip and a good learning experience.

blog_sequoia_national_park_001 blog_sequoia_national_park_002 blog_sequoia_national_park_003 blog_sequoia_national_park_004

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