Deer Skull Series

Over Christmas I was at my parents house back in Pennsylvania and found some whitetail deer skulls they had out in the barn. I asked if I could take them back with me to California and try shooting some tintypes of them. I had never shot skulls before but it seamed like a interesting object to shoot. They have a lot of texture and interesting shapes.

I had them for around a month before I had time to setup a shoot. The first few shots I did were wide open lens with both my 4000 watt strobes full power and they came out as expected. For the second angle I wanted to try shooting with the lens stopped down to have less depth of field. I had to experiment a little bit and ended up needing to flash my strobes three times to get enough light out of them. To make matters more difficult my lens did not have any marks for f-stops so now its got some in sharpie.

The skulls came out nicely. The background is just a curved white towel for the first few and then matte paper for the second two sets. I kind of liked the texture of the towel at the base of the skulls. I did a few high resolution scans of the ones I liked best before varnishing and then scanned all the others at lower res after varnishing as I did not need digital versions other than to show online.

Prints of the tintypes are available on Society6 and original tintypes are sometimes available at Etsy. If you don’t see a tintype or print you want please contact me to see if its still available.

tintypes_deer_skulls_01 tintypes_deer_skulls_02 tintypes_deer_skulls_03 tintypes_deer_skulls_04 tintypes_deer_skulls_05 tintypes_deer_skulls_06 tintypes_deer_skulls_07 tintypes_deer_skulls_08 tintypes_deer_skulls_09 tintypes_deer_skulls_10 tintypes_deer_skulls_11 tintypes_deer_skulls_12 tintypes_deer_skulls_13 tintypes_deer_skulls_14

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